Purchasing Granite Kitchen Worktops

Purchasing Kitchen Worktops High Street Wholesale

Amazing kitchen worktops High Street can be bought one of Two ways, wholesale or retail. Typically when having someone else install these for you, they will be purchased wholesale by the installer. Some places will only allow established companies to buy at cost. Others though, can be found that will let an independent person take advantage of this rate. With a little time and determination, finding these places can be a breeze.

If you have not decided on the material you seek yet, now is a good time to do so. Because there are so many to pick from, It may be more difficult in deciding this than actually finding it at the right prices. Take a look at a few of the options below.

Wood is naturally hygienic. It is a sturdy and long lasting material. It can be sealed to prevent water damage. On the other hand, it is not typically heat proof and if not sealed properly, is vulnerable to mold.

The rock types which are Granite, Quartz and concrete. They are elegant and bring a modern look to the space. Creating wonderful granite kitchen worktops. Rocks are always a tough, long lasting substance but if damaged can be costly to fix. If the damage is bad enough, it may not be repairable and will have to be completely replaced.

Metal is a common item used in worktops and cleanliness is one of this materials traits. Stainless steel is fire and water proof and does not require any type of sealing or finishing. Along with the rock types, it is in the higher price range.

To begin your search, get a notebook and jot down a few pieces of information. First, your choice of material. Second, the amount of the material that is needed. You can do this by taking a quick measurement to get a rough estimate. The last bit of information you should write down is what you are looking to put into it. Keep this notebook close by while looking for kitchen worktops so that you can reference it as needed and take down company contact details.

Search locally by browsing the local directories or calling an information line. Kitchen worktops High Street websites are listed online and will give you allot of details about pricing and whether or not they will sell to you. Some independent sellers will put ads in the papers to sell their product. This is another good source. The main thing to remember is that it may take some time but it is possible to buy wholesale. If you have a little patience, you will find what you are looking for.

Finding Kitchen Granite Worktops

Finding Granite Kitchen Worktops

Finding kitchen worktops in Brentwood is like finding an Orange block in a stack of Blue. Companies are everywhere and can be found effortlessly. There are only a few things that need to be kept in mind when looking.

The kitchen is a tough place. There is dirt and grime build up. Food, drinks are spilled and glasses dropped. All of these things should be considered when picking out your worktops. There are several kinds of materials used for the tops and all serve a different purpose. Stainless steel is good when sanitary conditions are an issue.

If you will be installing the worktops, you will want to find an independent supplier versus a company that does the install. Companies that purchase the material themselves get it at wholesale cost so they can either mark it up and resell it to you or considering the low cost of the material, charge more for labor. Some suppliers do sell wholesale to the public.

If you are not skilled in this area, it would be best to go with a professional installer. There are companies that are reasonable and will take out the time and effort on your part. Allot of these companies offer a warranty of some sort on the labor which is good also.

Dealers can be found in numerous places. The phone book is a good place to start. Look for the smaller adds and not the full page adds as they will be higher in price. The smaller the company, the more competitive they will be in cost.

You can find suppliers online as well. Perform a search using related words and the results will be nearly limitless. Here you can see pictures of the materials used. You will want to ask allot of questions if purchasing online. Questions like, what the cost per square foot is for the material and for the labor. The thickness, color, and texture are important also. You will want a time frame that the job will be finished and whether or not there is a warranty. Check references if available.

When you are considering which company to use, whether to purchase materials from or to do the install of your kitchen granite worktops , You will want to consider the cost. Lower cost though does not always mean better. Sometimes you get what you pay for and since it can be quite a bit of money, you want something that will last.

Black Granite Worktop

What Is So Appealing About Black Granite Worktops

Black granite worktops have for a long time been considered the very best when it comes to kitchen worktops. The question that many people have is what is so appealing about black granite worktops. Here are just a few of the reasons why this type of worktop has been edging out the competitors it has, and is leading the way.

This type of worktop will last for a very long time, which is obviously appealing when selecting worktops, because it means that you will not have to replace them as frequently as you would with other types of worktops, potentially saving you endless amounts of money.

The appearance of this worktop does undoubtedly look amazing on the eye. If you choose granite then you are opting for elegance. It can be very important to some people when they have visitors round,so that they can show off that they have a class. If you are looking to impress, then this worktop is for you.

In a kitchen, you will be handling hot pans and saucepans. Therefore, it is important that the worktop you choose can handle the heat of the kitchen, otherwise you will be left with marks. Luckily this worktop is very good for holding the heat, so you would have to put something very hot on it, to make a mark on the top.

When choosing your next kitchen worktop, you will want to have a choice of colors. Granite has many beautiful colors to choose from, with black far outselling any of the other colors. This is because black will go with almost any style of cupboards and other aspects of the kitchen. It will also reduce the amount of smears and marks that would be visible with any other colors.

Another popular reason why people go for granite is that it is a natural product. It is made by forming volcanic magma. When you order your worktops, it will be cut from a large amount of stone, which will make your tops more durable because it is made out of solid rock. Finally, because it is expensive to buy, and because of the look of class, buying this kind of worktop will increase the value of your home.

Overall, black granite worktops manufacturers are the leaders in delivering a high quality kitchen surface to your home and if you can afford to buy it, then it should be the first on your list. It will also give you a reliable worktop for many years to come.


Quality Quartz Worktops

Quality Quartz Worktops To Last A Lifetime


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It’s always exciting when planning a new project around the home or workplace especially when that project involves a makeover or redesign of a currently outdated design. It may be even more exciting making plans for a totally new construction of the same. Countertops are one of the most frequently updated design elements of a home and therefore should be given much thought before plunging into creating this important feature.

Since everyone has their own opinion, with good reason, it may be hard to say what the very best worktop might be, but certainly quality quartz worktops would be one of those at the top of any list. Style tastes and individual needs must be taken into consideration when making such a choice and with the variety of patterns and colors to choose from quartz can fit into most design plans.

Quality quartz worktops lend both appeal and durability to the working surfaces of homes or shops and ease of maintenance makes them the perfect choice to add to any décor. Not only are they resistant to chips and able to stand the heat of any kitchen they have a look of elegance that lends itself to higher end design for the kitchen as well as the bathroom.

The only problem that one might have when choosing quality quartz worktops is making the decision between all the many patterns and colors to choose from. Regardless whether a home owner wants to make their worktops stand out or blend into the overall design of the home or office it can be done by making a selection from the many available styles.

The durability alone of quality quartz worktops is a very good reason to choose quartz to replace an existing worktop or even to add it to the décor of new construction. The satisfaction of knowing that a worktop will not succumb to a hot pot placed on it or will not chip or scratch during the regular work that is performed on it is truly an added value.

A kitchen that has a quality quartz worktop can be a place to gather for the children after school while they discuss the events of the day, or help each other with home work while their parents watch over the process. It can also be a place to get together to make plans for some new adventure that gets everyone excited. With a quality quartz worktop there is no fear about scratches and spills that often happen with lesser quality products.

It goes without saying that a quality quartz worktop can add that extra touch of class to any home, office or workshop. Adding the elegance of quartz to a bathroom can give it the appearance of an expensive spa and everyone knows that a spa like atmosphere can ease the burdens that must necessarily invade the lives of most of us today.

So when considering a worktop to last a life time, that decision should also include a quality quartz worktop.

Black Granite Worktops

Black Granite Worktops


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Why black worktops? It’s so interesting to find out why most people love black worktops. There are lots of dignified colors to choose from but many home owners, business owners and contractors love to use black color for their worktops. One of the reasons is that color black has striking, elegant appearance. Just like black dress, it never goes out of fashion. Try to observe any elite gatherings, most people wear black. This goes to show that black is the most elegant and popular color used by elite people in society. Did you notice that sports cars also look good in black? So then, your kitchen too could look very elegant and gorgeous if you use black worktops.

Black color becomes the choice of many homeowners because aside from its elegance, stains are not obvious in it’s surface. Much more if you will choose the black granite worktops. This material will provide you with decades of reliable service. Black granite is the number one choice of interior designers due to its durable surface that will stand up to constant use in a kitchen environment. It insures lifetime longevity, the reason why it is very popular all over the world.

Black granite has been considered as the most in demand of all stones. Durable against heat, stains, scratches, wear and tear, therefore it was sought after as valued price. To that effect, imitators were born. Lots of imitations were out in the market, and it is really difficult to recognize them specially if they were cut by experts. But there is a way to avoid this pitfall. You are advise to buy directly from manufacturers to assure you are buying the original material. There are also reliable dealers whom you can trust to buy the original granite products you really wanted to have.

For those who are searching for black worktops that would suit your need and budget, there are lots out there that you can choose from. Available in the market are the black granite worktops, black laminate worktops, black quartz worktops, black corian worktops and more. You can check it out in worktops.co.uk. You can find a good buy if you are just serious in your search.

Since granite is most popular for its durability and elegance than any other stones, a selection of black granite worktops for your home is an investment in cost and value and it also provides enjoyment for the chef of the family working in the kitchen every hour of the day with excitement.

Luxury Granite Worktops

Luxury Granite Worktops


Go all the way with Luxury Granite Worktops !

If you are planning to build or remodel a kitchen that you want your friends and family to praise, you have to decide what to put in each part of the kitchen to make it unique and elegant. For your worktop, a luxury granite worktop is the answer. No two slabs of granite are the same because of the way granite is produced. Granite is the solid form of liquid magma that comes out of the earth’s surface through rocks. The colour and the hardness of the granite depend on the variation of its minerals like micas, quartz and feldspar. Pieces of rock stick to the molten lava, giving granite its unique look and wide variety of colours. Choose granite for your worktops because it is extremely strong and can withstand pressure and heat. In addition, it is scratch resistant.

Where else can you use these luxury granite worktops?

They can be used in all the places where you want to create a sophisticated and elegant look. So apart from using them as kitchen worktops, you can use them in the locations listed below.

People come to places that sell kitchen items to look for accessories and buy modern equipment. They would be duly impressed if your wares included luxury granite worktops. They render a classic beauty and it is possible that you will get more clients this way.

If you are a hotel owner, you can upgrade your hotel room with luxury granite countertops. Not only will it look lovely in your hotel rooms but also, since it can withstand pressure, you will not have to worry about careless guests destroying your counters by placing wet things, hot cups and coffee mugs on them. Use granite for your reception desks, it will create an impression on your guests the moment they enter the hotel.

You can use counter tops made of granite in your restaurants and bars to complete the romantic and elegant look. People love to come in to a place that is neat and tidy. It would put them off to see cracked or chipped countertops. So spend some money and see the difference.

Offices are all about impressing your clients. So install luxury granite counters where your clients are most likely to see them and appreciate their beauty. You can install them in the offices of engineers, architects, interior designers and antique dealers and restorers to attract more clients. You can have your reception desks made of granite to awe your clients as well.

Just like in restaurants and bars, a cracked, broken, stained or chipped counter top in a salon or barbershop will show neglect and carelessness and it is likely that you will lose the business of some affluent clients. Granite worktops and counter tops are durable, easy to clean and will not become stained. The fact that they are attractive is a plus here as your clients may end up looking at them often while having their hair done.

Some things to remember when choosing granite worktops:

• When compared to other stones, granite is the least absorbent, so grease, lime and fruit juices, wine, coffee and tea cannot stain it.

• Granite should be sealed once or twice a year with a sealant so it maintains it polished look.

• When you install granite, use a special silicon impregnating sealant so that you do not have to reseal it more than twice a year because sealing often makes granite cloudy.

• Granite is strongest and less susceptible to damage when the edges are rounded.

• The hardness of the granite depends on its colour; the darker the granite, the harder it will be, so choose accordingly.

Apart from kitchen worktops, you can have granite hard endurance in various other places in your home such as breakfast bars, windowsills, shelves, flooring, vanity tops, bathroom counters, cistern covers, fireplace surrounds and garden tables.

Maintaining granite counter tops

Because of the variations in the minerals and their properties, there are different types of granite. Even though granite is very hard and second only to diamond in its hardness, it is not safe to use as a cutting board because it will quickly make your knives dull. However, they are the perfect surface for working with all types of dough. Clean the joints well in countertops, because that is where bacteria can easily hide. Use warm water and a mild detergent to wipe off spills immediately if you want to avoid possible staining.

Cheap Granite Worksurfaces

Cheap granite work surfaces

Granite Hard Features for your Kitchen Work Top

Have you ever heard of the expression “granite hard”? Most people when building new homes or remodelling their old kitchen use granite worktops because it is hard and lasts long. What people want is a kitchen that looks neat, clean and tidy. Homemakers love to receive comments on their housekeeping skills especially in the matters of kitchen maintenance. Homeowners have started to realize the compliments gained with clean and blemish free worktops in their kitchen. Of all the places where diseases can spread in the kitchen, badly maintained worktops are at the forefront. The majority of work done in your kitchen requires a worktop. You cut and clean vegetables, fish and meat on worktops. You place hot pots and pans from the stove or oven on worktops. Even without a trivet, you can place these pots on granite worktops. Granite is a good option for using as the material for worktops because it will not melt, chip, crack, blister, burn or break. It is also very easy to care for and can withstand a lot of pressure. Unless you plan to use a sledgehammer on it, its pristine quality will last forever. This is because granite is the hardest stone on earth after diamond.

Granite is the solid state of liquid magma, which comes out of the earth in a real hot state and later cools off. The minerals that are contained in granite are quartz, mica, feldspar and plagioclase feldspar. These minerals make granite hard. The formation of granite requires high pressure and then slow cooling. Since the molten lava comes out of rocks, traces of rock are stuck to the liquid magma. Once it becomes cool this feature makes granite one of the hardest rocks ever found. This feature also makes each granite worktop unique from one another because so many elements are involved in the process of granite formation. The other minerals found within granite are garnet, pyrite and zircon.

The feldspar in the granite makes it impossible to scratch with a knife, but a windowpane can easily scratch it. The presence of quartz makes the granite very beautiful. Since the hardness in granite is due to the quartz in it, the piece of granite with less quartz will be softer than the piece of granite with a higher amount of quartz. Thus, there are different types of granites based on the quantity of quartz present.

So if you are planning to remodel your kitchen with a new worktop, choose granite. They make the most beautiful worktops and your guests would applaud you on your selection. They are priceless, timeless and durable. These are not the only reasons why people love granite. They remain one of the most practical options for a kitchen worktop. Granite is nearly scratch-resistant making it perfect for a kitchen worktop as this is the most highly trafficked area in the kitchen. It cleans easily and after many years go by it will retain its striking beauty. Granite worktops stand as one of the most hygienic options because they have absolutely no joints. What a relief for people who do not have much time to thoroughly clean their worktops after heavy use. Since bacteria and germs hide in joints, they make jointed worktops one of the most dangerous places on earth. However, with granite worktops you have no such worries. Since granite is stain resistant, you can easily maintain its sterilized look by quickly wiping it with disinfectant and use it for preparing food repeatedly. Besides using granite as a worktop, you can also use it around the sink, near the draining grooves in the sink and near the tap unit.

Ever wondered how granite worktops are manufactured?

Companies began manufacturing worktops made of granite with the intention of making something that maintained the same quality for many years. Its strength, beauty and durability incomparable with anything else make it useful in many fields. You will be very amazed by its elegance and versatility because it comes in many colors. These worktops cut from large blocks are actually stones extracted from the earth in their respective quarries. The price of granite depends on supply and demand. Generally, red and blue toned granite are more expensive because they are rarer to find.

How to maintain these worktops.

Granite worktops respond well to the use of common household detergents. Use peroxide and mild detergents, sprinkle Bio-OX Citrus Concentrate, baking soda, etc. You can clean with these products using warm water. For hard tough stains, apply a cleaning solution and leave it overnight, then wet it and scrub it down with a soft scrubbing pad. Wipe off stains as they happen so they do not stick. You can apply a sealant once or twice a year depending on usage. This maintains the quality of the stone surface and works as a barrier to protect the natural properties of the stone. Do not use it more than twice a year because it can give a cloudy appearance to the stone. There is a special silicon impregnating system used for sealing so that you do not have to seal the granite often; it is widely available in the market.

Granite over the history

Stone is being used for a really long time. Moreover, it’s the oldest usable material ever chosen by the human. Stone has had the times of its great popularity, then some times when other materials were being preferred. Nowadays, stone materials are extremely popular, again. Especially granite, which has never been more popular than today. But it’s not a matter of case. If any material deserves special praising, it’s just granite. Original London granite is one of the most commonly used materials, these days, due to its great proprieties: durability, hardness, diversification and low prices. All these features make original London granite an ideal material for kitchen worktops. Resistant, elegant, and still significantly cheaper than others. Thereupon, no one should be surprised that more and more modern kitchens are provided exactly with granite worktops. As its appliances are very well-known throughout the history, using granite as a usable and – simultaneously – decorative material seems to have a very long tradition.